Your Purchase Goes a Long Way

Each week, the profits from our store go toward our food distribution, which benefits 600 neighbors a month.  Not only do our Simple Store products nurture the soul and promote the revolution… but they also fuel our little revolution here in Kensington. We know there are lots of places you can shop… so thank you for supporting The Simple Store. 

In the early 1900s, our neighborhood was hopping.  Factories were everywhere. And so were jobs.  People flooded into Kensington because it was the place to live.  Over the past few decades we’ve lost about 100,000 jobs.  We have 700 abandoned factories, over 20,000 vacant houses.  We are still proud to call it home.  But creating an income can be hard here.  One of the most vital things we've started over the years is our little store,  fondly known as The Simple Store… where we have books and shirts, and all kinds of cool stuff.