conspire issue 13 - screen and soul

conspire issue 13 - screen and soul

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Change is always with us. The task of human civilization has been to integrate change well and to choose among its possibilities.Technology is anything that was not around when you were born,quips computer scientist Alan Kay. We live in a world being transformed by digital technologies, an age of irrepressible invention. We have even invented planned obsolescence - the calculated, accelerated demise of our own inventions to feed our ravenous consumer economies.

The Spring 2012 issue explores our changing digital world - and how it shapes us. Digital technologies have altered our work, our social lives, the ways we tell our histories, and how we connect and collaborate. This is a balanced exploration of the possibilities our changing world offers, examined in the light of ancient spiritual values. Voices range from computer-programmer geeks to plain-living, unplugged mystics as we share how we bend technology toward community, goodness, and justice.


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